Terms of Service

Keeping the Globahitch community safe, stable and serene has been one of our major concerns, thereby, driving us into establishing standards we believe could help these come true.


It is very worthy to note that every user/organization owns the intellectual property right to any content he/she/it creates and/or share on Globahitch. Therefore he/she/it is solely responsible for any form of copyright infringement or plagiarism that comes up as a result of any content created and/or shared on Globahitch by him/her/it.
However, by signing up for Globahitch, you have agreed to give Globahitch a non-exclusive, royalty-free, sub-licensable, transferable worldwide license to use your content. Globahitch also reserves the right to modify or remove your content, or change the way it is used on Globahitch, for any reason.

Account Deletion

It is also worthy to note that Globahitch reserves the right to delete any user's account in any of the following scenarios, even if the account's wallet has inside of it, all the money in the world:
1. A user inactive for a period up to 3 years;
2. A user reported and/or confirmed of defrauding other users by any means;
3. A user who constitutes violence, terror or crisis within the Globahitch community platform.

With these terms in place, we hope to create the best experience for every user.