About Us

Globahitch is a long-held dream that has waited for the right time to come true. Having been inspired by very necessary and fundamental social and digital needs of the evolving society, has been a major driving force towards its establishment.
As an organization, our focus primarily aims at, but not limited to:
1. Creating a community that builds up and promotes human professional relevance;
2. Creating an abode of ease for projects;
3. Promoting academics using super fun techniques;
4. Creating a good ground that businesses and organizations could take advantage of.

Globahitch development and usage started all the way from campus; the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Bauchi, putting into consideration all the not-so-good day to day experiences we all encountered in the fast evolving digital world as what were available seem not to very well suit our special and evolving digital needs anymore.
The speed with which its usage across the campus grew to even beyond is something worth mentioning as this denotes how hungry the people have been for this to exist.
It actually answered its name; getting the Globe Hitched together.

Working together as a team one may describe as armature or even not-in-line, we progressed Globahitch to where it is today. This has been something unique within the team and has grown to a norm coupled to our topmost values; cooperation and progressive learning.

Gobahitch was founded by Khalid Amah in February 2021, during his second year in the university. And his strong belief in team work brought him together with his colleagues who were also his very close friends to give Globahitch a better drive. This became a team everyone would ever dream of having. One of the world's best; for the one who knows what a team means.